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Jan. 2nd, 2015 03:13 am
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Let me know how my Owen-ing is.

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▼ Owen Harper [ AU1 ]
Birthday: February, 14th
Astrology Sign: Aquarius
Soul Arcana: Death
Unlucky Arcana: Justice , The Star, The Chariot & The High Priestess
String Color: [#009900

▼ Personality Snapshot
Owen is a bit of a dick. He's sarcastic and cynical and pessimistic to a fault and likes to bury himself in alcohol and sex to chase away his emotions. However, under all that is a heart truly too big for the circumstances it was born into; Owen cares a whole lot more for the people around him than he lets on.

Plus, his bedside manner is amazing, no matter how much he says otherwise.

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Asgard App

Feb. 2nd, 2012 11:42 am
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Dec. 29th, 2011 05:06 pm
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Out of...curiosity. What sort of New Year's resolutions would you make for a year you weren't supposed to have?

Especially in a place like this.
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[After spending most of Friday morning tending to his horrid hangover, he spends Saturday actually trying to do work, for once. See Owen. See Owen stare at his paperwork. See Owen nearly throw it all away. He's not doing so well with this organizing thing, is he?

Still....beat being bored to death.]


Nov. 17th, 2011 11:56 pm
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[Owen can be seen knocking back some sort of alcoholic drink at the bar nearby Discedo's hospital and, judging by the empty glasses and bottles around him, he's been there a while.

At first it seems like the device has turned itself on without his knowledge, but then he begins talking, not looking at the camera at all.]

You know...doesn't really matter where you go, same shit happens no matter what. You meet people, you lose them, you end up alone and none of it even really matters.

Seems to me the only smart thing to do is become a hermit, at least then you avoid all that drama and the idiots who populate this ridiculous world.

And it's not just Fortuna or Earth, it's everyfuckingwhere. I've seen all kinds of species and learned about all these different places and you think, for just a second, maybe there is something better, something that makes it all worth it, but then the second passes and you realize it never changes.

Every species, in every world, in every universe; they're all exactly the same and none of it ever fucking changes.

[He sighs heavily, knocking back another drink, before switching the device off.]
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[When the video turns on it's clear it's not supposed to be on. Owen can be seen, face down on his desk and very asleep. It's quite possible he's even drooling a little on the paperwork he had been messing with before but he'll deny the whole thing if asked. In the background, someone can be heard approaching and a hand shakes his shoulder, gently.]

Harper-san! You're drooling!

[Sora's voice and motions are enough to jolt him awake and he sits up, rubbing at his face.]

What? No, I'm awake.

Also, your communicator's recording.

[There's a quick movement and the screen goes black as Owen shuts the device down a little harshly.]

Harper-san, is there anyone helping you here?

No, why would there be?

Have you asked?

No..I don't need any help.

But you're tired! You can't do everything by yourself!

Maybe not, but where, exactly, do you think I should get some help from? There are only three doctors that I know of.

Ask! I'm sure there are people here who have some medical knowledge.

I'm not exactly the 'asking' sort.

[Before he can do anything, Sora takes Owen's communicator and turns the video back on.]

Harper-san's looking for people who can help in the hospital. Please respond to this number! Thank you!

[He snatches the device back from her, glaring and mumbling under his breath.]

You wouldn't ask, so I did! You're welcome!
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All right, for those of you who might not know, I've re-opened the medical facilities here in Discedo.

For the most part, everything works well enough, I just hope none of you need open heart surgery, cause if that's the case, sorry, you're out of luck.

Not to mention, I'd need at least six other people with me to do that...

Anyway, this is just a general notice that if you need medical care or any kind beyond the open-heart surgery kind, it's available to you.


Jul. 25th, 2011 11:52 pm
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[Video clicks on and there for the network to see is the face of one very annoyed Englishman. He's not pleased with his current surroundings, and it's clear he's newly arrived in Discedo.]

All right, what the hell is going on here? I assume this is some sort of communication device, certainly seems to act like one.

My name is Doctor Owen Harper and I'd like to know where exactly it is I am, cause I know, wherever it is, I'm not supposed to be here.


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